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Random thoughts about rest, regeneration and success
innocent, Amber looks back
Here's a thought:

People like success.
They love to celebrate you for being a smash hit.

They quite like longevity, too. eg. Harry Potter being a smash all the way to the end.

They also love you to fail. To mock you for becoming a has-been.
"Whatever happened to...?" is seen as lots of fun. Almost as much fun as scandal or falling off the pedestal in spectacular fashion.

But what they like, most of all, is for a failed success to re-emerge and RE-TRIUMPH.

Like Doctor Who. Or Kylie.
Once you come back from Mocksville and become a bona fide success all over again - you can never fall down from there. You are officially a King whose crown will never go dull.

I think this is why it's so important to ride the wave of success and then retire into utter obscurity for a while, rather than doing something half-hearted. Better to do nothing rather than give your star a chance to fade.

I wonder whether it's even possible to stage a regeneration (ha!) without having some sort of rest period to give people a chance to get sentimental about how good you were, rather than how you're not so good any more.

I wonder how much of Jo Rowling's success involved making people WAIT for the next bit. Once they've been waiting for something, they're primed to like it.

Huddy spoilers
huddy kiss in your dreams

Here's my thought -

If you'd come up with this show about this man
and created a Love Story with the Pretty Girl
but then discovered that he actually had major chemistry with the Sexy Boss
and decided to explore that instead
and found you'd opened up a whole gigantic story arc
and you decided it was so good
that you wanted to continue it into the future
and ultimately have them end up together
BUT you wanted to take several seasons to get there
and you'd reached the Moonlighting Shark Jump point
and so you needed to find a way to take a gigantic detour backwards / sidewards...

- is this the way you'd do it?
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JL's Ideal Huddy Situation (posted in house_cuddy on lj)
Cuddy looks guilty

In response to the prompt: "What is your ideal huddy situation?"

I wrote:

Wow. I want... so much.

Firstly, I want Cuddy to have a relationship with someone other than House.

Please don't kill me yet.

At the moment, Cuddy loves House and wants him in bed but DOESN'T want a relationship with him. She's been pretty definite about that - not surprising, really, the idea of a relationship with House is a scary one. I do NOT want them getting together while that is the case. So what I'd like is a storyline that changes her feelings about the prospect of an actual relationship with him.

(Plus, in the Stacy arc we saw what House is like in a romantic relationship (kinda). We've never seen Cuddy in any sort of relationship. I'd really like that perspective.)

So here's one way I think it could be done...

It's a mirror of 'Painless'. House's dream has always been a life without pain. He tried out methadone, which gave him everything he wanted... except the brilliant spark of genius. And that's when he realised that his mind was even more important to him than a pain-free life. The methadone was good - but not good enough. So he dumped it and chose a life of brilliance and pain. It's the first time, ever, we've seen him choose pain.

So, Cuddy. I'd see this arc as one that takes about half a season? A whole season?

Cuddy's dream has always been a perfect life. The Perfect Man will come along, sweep her off her feet and away to white picket fence house with beautiful kids.
So - she gets her own Mr Methadone. The perfect man. Nice, well-mannered, pain-free. Everything she's ever wanted. Life is now complete.
... that it's missing something. It's lacking that brilliant spark that she has with House. It's good - but it's not enough. And she finally admits that nice, pain-free, perfect Man that she wanted - is not what she needs after all.
So she takes her perfect life and dumps it. And chooses a life of brilliance and pain. With House.

I want to see her choose him.


Someone else wrote:
The problem with that is that it is a David Shore show... That would take ages!! 3 seasons at least! I want my Huddy!!! (yeah I'm whining now I know...)

I wrote:
Yep. It would take ages. That's the point. :)
Here's the thing:
In season 5, we've just had a whole lot of seriousness building to a climax. I think things need to cool down majorly for a while before they can successfully be built up again.
And I want PROPER Huddy next time around. I want it for keeps if possible - and that's not going to happen unless it's the end of the show...

We've just seen House reaching the point at which he was prepared to commmit to Cuddy (kinda. I realise he wasn't exactly thinking straight. Plus, he hasn't any understanding of Rachel and what that would involve).
Then he received a major shock and the whole thing was snatched away from him. His confidence will now be absoultely shot.
I think that the whole journey ought to end with him reaching the same point again. But this time, he gets to keep it.

Here's how I'd love to see it all pan out...

Season 6:
First half: House trying to get better.
- I don't think he'll be prepared to go anywhere near Cuddy for ages. Too painful.

He does, however, develop some sort of relationship with Rachel. I have no idea how. I just think that she's very non-threatening and would be someone he might actually feel comfortable with at this point. Plus, this would be a really nice way to see him developing as a person. I'd really love to see this (without Rachel taking over the show) and I just feel like it would fit the whole "recovering from psychiatric episode" saga well.

During 2nd half of Season 6: Cuddy meets Nice Guy.
- She decides to go out with him (just about the time House starts thinking of pursuing her again). House feels betrayed.

Season 7:
Cuddy is dating Nice Guy.
- House is jealous, ultimately decides to accept Cuddy's choice if it makes her happy.
- Cuddy is surprised by her reaction to House now being ok about her dating Nice Guy. She realises she somehow wants him to be cross. She misses him fighting for her. Perfect relationship suddenly feels a little more boring.

- Rachel gets sick.
Episode of traumatic emotional bonding between House and Cuddy as she puts her trust in him and he battles to save her baby (Season 3 quote, anyone?). Both very relieved when Rachel lives.
- House is surprised by his relief that Rachel is ok - he realises he cares about her. Goes to visit her in recovery, sees Nice Guy visiting in family-type situation and realises he wants to be the one in the room with the family.
- Cuddy sees during this episode that House has more of a relationship with Rachel than she had realised. Experiences slight regret about which man is with her in the room. Doesn't invite Nice Guy to be at hospital while Rachel is sick - she actually wants to be close to House during the traumatic bit, although she doesn't admit this to herself yet.

Over the next little while, we become aware that Cuddy is starting to wonder whether she's with the right guy...

One of those episodes where Cuddy lets things get out of control a la that one where she wants to save the artist's baby that I quoted above. Except, this time, there isn't a happy ending. Patient dies or whatever.
- House tells her she's an idiot. He is quite forthright about the fact that she has stuffed up and done the wrong thing.
- Nice guy tells her she's ok, talks as though it's all fine.

I can just see Cuddy realising over this point that Nice Guy, nice though he is, is not the man for her. I think she'd pick House's passion for truth and doing what's right over being made to feel better.

She breaks up with Nice Guy.

2nd half of Season 7: Cuddy starts developing things with House again.
Keep it light and friendly (a la Rosehustle1's ideas about non-date dates which I LOVELOVELOVE).

Season 8:
Similar to Season 5, bring things to a head gradually over the season - things need to get serious again.

Except that this time around, they both know they want a relationship. The real question is, will House reach the point where he's prepared to declare it - to be prepared to commit to her (and Rachel, now understanding what that involves)?
I'd love to see him reach that point again...

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Distractions, distractions...
House tv remote

I spent half last night thinking about this wretched drama.
I was full of BRILLIANT ideas.
I had it all worked out.
And, this evening, I have written NOTHING.
I can't even approach it, mentally. I just can't. It's not like I'm bored by it. It's like I can't even remember it.
When I try to think about it, it all goes fuzzy in my head as my brain does a hook turn and runs in the opposite direction.

I really need a userpic that demonstrates the mood AAARRRRRRGGGHH...

I really should be writing right now...
Cuddy looks guilty
... but I'm busy finding more userpics instead.

I did write one whole episode this morning. Yay me!

Plus, it was working really well. I'm starting to have fun with the characters. Usually, having fun with them is the major hurdle, because then I feel like going and spending more time with them, rather than avoiding them some more...
... I'm just a bit nervous, because I haven't written anything like this for so long, and I'm not sure if I'm any good at it. I hope my Beta gets back to me soon.

One down, five to go...

Still trying to work this out...(how do I get a Feed?)
Chase huh? o.O

Well, I spent a most informative afternoon.
I have Userpics! All right, only two so far, but it's still exciting.
I have some Feeds! As yet, I can't work out how to add more. May need to ask for help on this one.
I have exciting colours for friends, and groups, and larger subject headings, and lots of thingies.
Thankyou, deird1 !
Now, off to

House crazy about you

That's what I wanted to make my username.

But then I decided that it would quickly become boringly self-evident. Or possibly, self-evidently boring.

So I tried various things and this is the one that stuck. Dunno how long I'll manage before I get totally sick of typing it. It is longer than I'd thought.

However, at the moment, I'm still busy trying to convince LJ that my email password matches my account, and trying to make my account pretty colours without crashing the computer. That sort of drivel.

As for changing my userpic...

I may have to ask for help. This is all very complicated and a lot of effort considering the only reason I'm doing this is to cut down the effort I'm expending checking various other LJ sites.

(The toolbar thingy does look fun, though. I really want to use the strike-through bar. But I haven't got anything to cross out.)



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