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Huddy spoilers
huddy kiss in your dreams

Here's my thought -

If you'd come up with this show about this man
and created a Love Story with the Pretty Girl
but then discovered that he actually had major chemistry with the Sexy Boss
and decided to explore that instead
and found you'd opened up a whole gigantic story arc
and you decided it was so good
that you wanted to continue it into the future
and ultimately have them end up together
BUT you wanted to take several seasons to get there
and you'd reached the Moonlighting Shark Jump point
and so you needed to find a way to take a gigantic detour backwards / sidewards...

- is this the way you'd do it?
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No idea what spoilers you're talking about...

No, I know, I posted it in house_cuddy, which is completely mental at the moment - it's all very depressing and blllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.
I was using this journal instead of the Memories functiony thing again, just cause I liked the way I'd phrased it.
I want someone famous to say it so someone else can turn it into an animated text thingy on youtube. :)

...and really must get round to watching the finale...

Ya-HUH. Allright, how would youspell it?

..."moonlighting shark jump point"? Why the "moonlighting" bit?

You know what the moonlighting effect is... right?

and, to be mean and nasty and use up your day:

I have diligently not linked the many other tv tropes articles I have tried very hard not to read in the last ten minutes while collecting that link. But Will They Won't They is a relevant one.

I feel newly educated.

I'd just like to offer up Frasier as an example of a show that avoided the problem quite nicely.

Mmmm. There's debate on that, though.
...did you ever read the fic shipping tvtropes and wikipedia?

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