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House crazy about you

That's what I wanted to make my username.

But then I decided that it would quickly become boringly self-evident. Or possibly, self-evidently boring.

So I tried various things and this is the one that stuck. Dunno how long I'll manage before I get totally sick of typing it. It is longer than I'd thought.

However, at the moment, I'm still busy trying to convince LJ that my email password matches my account, and trying to make my account pretty colours without crashing the computer. That sort of drivel.

As for changing my userpic...

I may have to ask for help. This is all very complicated and a lot of effort considering the only reason I'm doing this is to cut down the effort I'm expending checking various other LJ sites.

(The toolbar thingy does look fun, though. I really want to use the strike-through bar. But I haven't got anything to cross out.)


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Yeah, it does that!

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